Waste is a thief: sell your surplus steel to stop it

Over many years, construction firms everywhere have taken great strides to complete their projects on time and on or under budget. Yet imagine a nightmare scenario when a project planner over calculates the necessary steel needed for a project. The order for building materials is placed, the project takes shape, and finally finishes. Now imagine the look of horror on the builder’s face when it’s discovered that too much steel was ordered and the costly product is sitting neatly in a warehouse. That steel now serves one purpose: to steal from the company coffers. The company now faces a multitude of potential choices, such as disposing of the steel and writing off the loss. But this could potentially cause harm with creditors and clients. Another option is to hold onto the steel in hopes of finding a buyer before storage costs outweigh potential gains of a resale.

Also, publicly advertising resale of excess steel materials could potentially garner the company a poor reputation for misuse of materials and poor planning. More so, potential buyers could capitalize on the desperation to sell the material, leading to unfavorable selling terms for the company. What is the easy answer to such a catch 22?  The answer is Bryzos Bid Blaster, a platform that connects sellers and buyers efficiently and discreetly.

Bryzos offers companies that have a surplus in steel materials a way to mitigate risks and recoup losses. Bryzos Bid Blaster connects sellers to a wide array of buyers who are specifically looking for surplus steel materials. Why would companies buy surplus steel? New materials are expensive to produce: ore must be mined, material transported, processed, and transported again. Buyers know this and search with Bryzos to find high-quality unused steel materials at discounted prices.  Check out Bryzos today and help eliminate waste within your company, because waste is a thief.