Their trash is your treasure: how surplus steel can help you get ahead

Every single project from start to finish runs on the concept of cost and gain. If the company spends “X” it is expected to gain a “Y” return. Punishing flashbacks to mathematics courses aside, thinking of ways to cut steel costs for your project without sacrificing quality in the name of saving a buck is a valuable endeavor. Surplus steel is an innovative way to reduce costs and waste of resources.

Yet what exactly is surplus steel, isn’t it just scrap metal left to rust? In this case surplus steel is the unused, leftover material from previous building projects. Many builders have either ordered too much steel or their requirements have changed, leaving them unable to return the unused product to the manufacturer. The builder is then unwilling to simply discard the material because it still holds some value. The product (in many cases) then sits unused in a warehouse, and the builder is left hoping to find a way to recoup their loss. Enter Bryzos.

Bryzos offers builders who have a supply of unused steel a way to move unused product to companies looking to reduce costs. In short, it’s an online buying and selling platform that allows the seller to recoup losses from unused materials (without them being a total financial loss.) It enables buyers the ability to issue an order of requirements that best suits their needs of quality, quantity, and cost. Bryzos then links that order to sellers who suit those needs. The buyer then can choose to purchase unused steel materials at a discounted price without having to produce new (and more expensive) materials. With Bryzos, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has never been truer. Unused materials can finally find a purpose that is beneficial to all parties involved. From buyer to seller, nothing is left to waste.