The Bryzos Bid Blaster brings order to the chaos of piping suppliers

Construction projects are a major investment involving many parties, from investors, contractors, to accountants, and even the summer intern who brings you coffee. Every part of the project must fit into a dedicated and meticulously planned-out timeline. Schedules must be maintained, costs must be kept in check, and supplies must be acquired. Project planning must be done with a highly evolved sense of order, or else it all falls into chaos. Each aspect must be layered and thought of before a single dollar is spent. Mistakes cannot happen. Take a closer look at cost and supply for a moment, specifically the galvanized steel piping you need for your next project. Is there a way a specific quantity of galvanized steel piping can be negotiated and purchased? Would it help to put buyers and sellers in direct contact, reducing the needlessly long and drawn out process that exists now?

Imagine for a moment you could simply write up exactly what you needed, the timetable for it to be delivered, and the costs you’re willing to pay. Now imagine being able to pick and choose between multiple piping suppliers, all of which are seeking to obtain your business on your terms. Now imagine the suppliers are blind to who else is in the running. Too good to be true, Right? But it isn’t. It’s the Bryzos Bid Blaster, a real-time online negotiating system that allows you to fulfill your request on your terms. Bryzos levels the playing field and offers the opportunity for large and small piping supply firms to compete in a marketplace where advertising firepower is taken out of the equation. A platform that benefits both buyer and seller by removing the noise brought on by aggressive sales tactics. Allow Bryzos to level the playing field and get you the best deal in a timely manner. Bring order to chaos.