Online steel marketplace Bryzos continues to grow and cater to steel industry

St. Louis, Missouri (October 2018)- September 2018 has been a productive month for Bryzos, the new online steel marketplace. Bryzos has been steadily growing its membership. “Each week we are doubling our number of registrants. We attribute this growth to our value proposition. Bryzos is unique in that it is a full-featured marketplace with robust modules for both the buyer and seller. For a seller, free listings are extremely beneficial. Especially for the lower margin items in their inventory. For a buyer, the RFQ system, “Bid Blaster”, is a seamless process that creates multiple purchasing options” said Shep Hickey, the CEO of Bryzos.

Bryzos is not finished. Bryzos is making further refinements to its already superior marketplace. “It’s not enough to simply facilitate transactions between buyer and seller, a marketplace needs to be fair, efficient, easy to use and economical”, said Shep Hickey. To that ends Bryzos will be implementing three big refinements for its Users:

Listings are free – Bryzos will NOT charge you to buy and sell listings on the marketplace. The only cost, to the seller, will be the payment processing fee. This fee is charged by STRIPE (the payment processor), not by Bryzos.

Mass Upload Listing and Photos – Bryzos has developed a mapping system allowing you to easily import photos and listings of all kinds of steel, like stainless steel forgings or surplus steel. You can download data from your ERP system, or other sources, and upload it directly onto Bryzos. In addition, while carrying out the data upload they can mass upload photos to the Bryzos Media Library and easily attach to the newly imported listings. The benefit of the media library is you can upload multiple pictures at one time versus one at a time. Bryzos will maintain previously uploaded photos for you to reuse at a later date. No charge.

ACH Payments – Soon Bryzos will have the option for you to pay via ACH. The payment processing for ACH will be 0.8% of the transaction value or a $5.00 fee cap.

Looking a little further down the road, Bryzos will be offering credit to its qualified Buyers and ensuring the transaction against default for its Sellers.

Bryzos Steel Marketplace
7733 Forsyth Blvd #1100, St. Louis, MO 63105
(844) 427-9967

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