1. What is Brysos?

Bryzos is an online marketplace. We facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. Bryzos does not stock material nor does it take possession of material during a transaction.

2. What is the Bryzos Fee Structure?

We charge sellers a fee for a successful Contract made through the Website and/or App and for providing the seller and buyer with each other’s contact details once they have negotiated a deal via the Website or App and Bryzos’ email, text message, and/or App notification system (“Connection Fee”). You may view your connection fee on the Website.

3. What are the Stripe Transaction Fees?

Stripe charges a non-refundable 2.9% plus a one-time $0.30 fee/transaction. https://stripe.com/us/pricing

4. Does Bryzos have payment terms?

Bryzos is not the merchant of record, however, in conjunction with Stripe, Bryzos has created a payment system that is favorable to both buyer and seller. The buyer credit card is charged at the time of the transaction but the funds are not released to the seller for 30 days.

5. Where does my money go when I buy?

In conjuction with Stripe, Bryzos has created a system that flows money through an escrow account or intermediary.

Example: When a buyer purchases material their credit card funds are authorized and captured. The funds are instantly transferred to an escrow account controlled by Stripe. Bryzos is NOT holding your funds. The buyer funds will sit in escrow until one of two things happens:

1.) Thirty days elapses without a dispute
2.) The buyer decides to manually release their funds to the seller If thirty days elapse without a dispute the funds are then distributed to the seller and Bryzos. (see “”How does disputes work?””)

6. How does dispute resolution work?

Disputes are common in steel. A buyer will create a dispute when they have received material that is not acceptable. There are many reasons a buyer may want to create a dispute. Bryzos has, within the dispute module, predefined reasons for disputes and predefined actions required by the seller. In addition, the Buyer can create a custom reason/action if what they need is not available as a predefined reason/action by Bryzos.

Disputes has a few features that impact the transaction. Bryzos’ default transaction, without disputes, is to charge the buyer at the time of the transaction and release those funds to the seller on day 30. IF a dispute is created, the transaction clock is frozen. Meaning, the funds will not longer be released to the Seller on day 30. The clock will remain frozen until the dispute has been mutually resolved. The new funding date will be the “”resolution”” date plus thirty day.

Disputes must be created and resolved on the Bryzos marketplace. Often times a dispute will result in a change in the transaction value. In order to fund the seller, and maybe credit the buyer, Bryzos must know the new transaction value.

7. Can I settle disputes offline?


Bryzos uses dispute resolution to know the ultimate transaction value. If you settle the transaction offline and that settlement includes an adjustment in the transaction value you MUST report that new value to Bryzos via Disputes. If you don’t report that new value, the seller will be funded the original transaction value.

It is in the Buyers best interest to use the disputes module:

1.) Disputes freezes the transaction clock and ensures the buyer funds will not be released to the seller until the buyer is satisfied.
2.) The Dispute module maintains an archive of all past disputes. This can be helpful for future reference.
3.) Using the dispute module ensures the final transaction value is reported to Bryzos.”

8. What happens if I create a dispute and resolution cannot be easily achieved?

While Bryzos provides dispute resolution to aide in resolving disputes, the dispute is between buyer and seller. Bryzos is not party to the dispute/transaction. Bryzos is a facilitator.

IF buyer and seller cannot easily reach resolution, we recommend you take the matter offline. In the meantime, Bryzos will be holding all funds and will not release them until instructed how they are to be distributed via Disputes.

The terms of the resolution can be handled offline, but the final transaction value must still be entered into disputes. Buyer and seller need to accept the terms of the resolution within disputes.

9. If Bryzos is anonymous, how do I know where to get my pipe?

Bryzos will reveal the identity of the buyer and seller after the transaction is complete. This information is found on the “Manifest”.

10. How do I cancel an order?

After the transaction has taken place, the buyer can cancel the order. To cancel the order, or a line, use Disputes. To cancel an order, or a line, set the “total quantity” to zero within disputes and submit to the seller. The seller will either accept/reject or modify your offer to cancel an order or line.

11. What is the cancellation policy?

Stripe, even if you cancel immediately after the transaction, will charge a non-refundable 2.9% plus a one-time $0.30 fee/transaction.

If the cancelation occurs on the same calendar day as the transaction there is not penalty imposed by Bryzos. (The Seller may impose their own re-stocking fee, that is between the buyer and seller)

If the cancelation occurs on transaction day plus 1 (calendar day two or greater), Bryzos will impose a cancelation fee on the cancelling party.

In the event that seller cancels a Contract the calendar day after it is formed, seller’s credit card will automatically be charged with the greater of $5.00 or 1% of the Contract price (defined in the Contract between a buyer and seller), which is paid to the buyer as liquidated damages, and the Connection Fee will not be refunded.

In the event that buyer cancels a Contract or portion of a Contract the calendar day after it is formed, buyer will be charged the Connection Fee and the greater of $5.00 or 1% of the price indicated in the Contract, which is paid to the seller as liquidated damages, and the seller’s Connection Fee will be refunded. Bryzos reserves the right to reduce a user’s Bryzos User Rating (defined below) when a user cancels a Contract.

12. How do you ensure User quality?

Bryzos, like other e-marketplaces, has a User Rating system. Bryzos does NOT rate the Users, rather Users rate Users. The Bryzos rating system uses stars, five stars being the best.

Following the successful funding of a transaction, the buyer and seller will receive an email from Bryzos inviting them to rate their experience.

The default User rating for new account is three stars.

13. Who/what is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment processor for internet businesses.

With Stripe you are in good hands. Stripe handles payment processing for Target, Facebook, Salesforce, Pinterest and the list goes on.


14. How do you ensure User quality?

The Bryzos matching engine matches buyer RFQa with seller offerings. Meaning, the Seller can elect to only see RFQs that match the products they define via the matching engine. For instance, a supplier who only sells pipe can choose to not receive RFQs for fittings.

The matching system is exclusively a Seller tool. The buyer does not have access to match settings.

To set the match criteria go to:

My Bryzos > Selling > View Profile > Edit Profile or Sell > View Profile > Edit Profile

Within the seller profile settings you will see “”Matching Engine Criteria””. By default the Seller will receive all RFQs. The Seller can either choose to view all RFQs by category by checking “”Select All”” or the seller can manually enter spec & grade by category.

15. What is an "Administrator"

The administrator is the account holder with Bryzos. The administrator is responsible for entering payment information, creating users, and completing enterprise preferences.

The purpose of the Administrator account is to route all money through the “”Company”” versus the Users.

16. How do I create/remove "users" within my Admin group?

You must be logged in as an Admin to create/remove group Users.

Click red “”ADMIN”” button (top right) > Authorized Users

Immediately after you submit, Bryzos will send an email(s) to the user(s) you elected. They will need to create a password and complete their buyer/seller preferences. It takes less than two minutes for a User to be active after your invite.

To remove Users: Click red “”ADMIN”” button (top right) > Authorized Users In the “”status”” column (far right) sqitch status to “”Closed””. Bryzos does not erase “”closed”” User data. You may want access to their history later on.

To re-activate a “”closed”” user, switch the toggle to “”all users””. Change the users “”Status”” to “”Active”” and submit.

17. Do I have to pay to signup?

No! Bryzos is free until you make a successful sale. When you get funded…we get funded. The Bryzos connection fee is charged to the Seller only. Bryzos is always free to a Buyer.

18. What methods of payment can I use?

Right now Bryzos is accepting credit card payments. We will add additional methods soon.

19. Does Bryzos arrange/handle freight?

Not yet. We will integrate a freight module as online freight marketplaces mature. For now, arrange/handle freight as you have historically.

20. How do I arrange/handle freight if the Bryzos marketplace is anonymous?

After a buyer clicks “”purchase”” Bryzos will send both the Buyer and Seller a “”manifest””. The manifest has on it all of the information that you will need to book freight:

Seller or Buyer name (depending on which one you are)

If the order is “”Will-Call”” we disclose the pick-up address and the destination address
IF the order is “”delivered”” we disclose the destination address
Parties are encouraged to contact one another to ensure logistics goes smoothly.

21. What is the "Ready Date"?

The “”ready date”” is the date the buyer wants one of two things:

1.) The material ready in “”will-call””
2.) The material to ship if the freight term is “”Delivered””
Ready date is NOT the date the material will arrive at it’s shipping destination.

22. As a buyer, are the funds captured from my credit card at the time I purchase?

Yes, your card is charged at the time of purchase.

23. As a seller, how do I charge a re-stocking fee?

Currently, that is done via “disputes”. See “How To – Seller Re-Stocking Fee”

24. What happens if a buyer does not pay?

The Bryzos “neutralizer” ensures you will receive payment once the buyer funds are captured and transferred to the Bryzos escrow account held by Stripe.

25. What is the Bryzos "neutralizer"? What is the purpose?

The Bryzos transaction “”neutralizer”” is a feature of the escrow payment structure.

Historically, transactions have favored the buyer, putting the seller in a risky position. It was common, because of 30, 45, 60 and 90 day payment terms, for the buyer to have taken delivery of goods ordered and not yet paid. In the event of a dispute, the seller had no leverage; the buyer had the material and the money. The “”neutralizer”” eliminates this condition. Bryzos ensures that no one party has both the material and the money, whereby neutralizing risk exposure for both parties. It is only when both parties are satisfied that the deal is funded.

26. What do I do if I have an order I cannot fill?

Post transaction, you will have the buyers information. You can either contact them yourself or message them via Bryzos messaging. Ultimately, the buyer will need to create a dispute changing the total quantity to zero. That dispute will be sent to the seller, who will “accept” the dispute. Accepting a zero quantity dispute cancels the line or the order. (see cancellation policy)