About Bryzos

Bryzos® is the online marketplace for steel goods and accessories. Bryzos® anonymously facilitates the trade of steel pipe, tube, plate, coil, fitting and flanges. Bryzos does not stock material, rather it puts buyers and sellers in direct communication with each other.

Prior to founding Bryzos®, Shep worked at American Piping Products (APP). While at APP, Shep had the opportunity to cycle through multiple departments: quality control, purchasing (foreign and domestic), project management, project sales, inventory management, expediting and ultimately COO. Shep had a positive experience at APP but also realized there was an opportunity to create an online marketplace. It was now or never.

Business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce is gaining real traction in other complicated industries. Shep believes that the steel industry is at an inflection point and B2B steel sales will increasingly be transacted online.

Bryzos® launched in September 2018.