About Bryzos

About Bryzos

Bryzos is the online marketplace for steel goods and accessories. That could be steel pipe, tube, coil, plate, fittings and flanges. Bryzos was founded and developed by steel industry veterans. Bryzos is the culmination of years of sales and operational experience transposed to an online environment.

Steel transactions, unlike many other commodities, are initiated when the buyer creates a demand or a Bill of Material. In most industries the seller states that they have “X” for sale and then the buyers come. With the functional knowledge of how steel transactions flow, the Bryzos founders took an enormous amount of time and care to create the Bryzos marketplace. The marketplace, although online, should feel very familiar to its users. Bryzos has deliberately constructed the transaction flow to imitate the way transactions are conducted today via phone, email or even fax. Yes, fax. The Bryzos web application is completely original, there is not a marketplace like it anywhere. The marketplace was built from scratch!

In its simplest form, Bryzos is an online marketplace. The objective of the marketplace is to facilitate sales between buyers and sellers, but a closer look shows that Bryzos does much more than that. The bigger picture shows that Bryzos is streamlining an antiquated supply chain by rewarding the stakeholders of the transaction. Since steel was first cooked up, the supply chain has included had many transactional intermediaries who, amongst other things, increased the cost of steel. Brokers, or intermediaries, had the connections in the market to locate the material required. Today, with the internet and countless proven ecommerce models, Bryzos is positioned to change the market structure. Bryzos will disintermediate the marketplace by putting buyer and seller in direct contact with each other.

The Bryzos marketplace is different. It’s not like Amazon. It’s not like eBay. The Bryzos platform offers its buyers options. There are two different ways to buy: search listings and the BID BLASTER. Buyers are already familiar with searching listings, they do it all the time on other marketplaces. You type in what you need and click “search”. As the buyer, you review listings and put the material you want to buy in your shopping cart. While familiar, this is not how the steel market actually works. Sales are initiated by buyer inquiries, or Bills of Material (BOM).

Enter the Bryzos Bid Blaster. The Blaster is a proprietary online, real-time negotiating tool. It was designed to be an analog to how steel has been sold forever. It is understood by the Bryzos architects that the buyer must have confidence that they are getting the best possible price for what they need, when they need it. Steel is a live market, listings are outdated the moment they are posted. The blaster will create buyer confidence and drive the marketplace. There are a few familiar steps required when using the Blaster:

  • Enter/upload a BOM
  • Enter specifics about the deal
    1. Origin restrictions
    2. Date needed
    3. Freight (delivered vs. will call)
  • Submit the BOM to the marketplace

That’s it! As a Buyer you have just launched your BOM into the marketplace where dozens of suppliers will compete for your business. Just as it happens today, you will get quotes back from suppliers, one by one. Bryzos allows you to sort the completed quotes anyway that you’d like, or even export to excel. The real feature here is that the buyer can now counter/reject/accept offers from sellers in real time. For instance, if a seller quoted $20ea, you could, as the buyer, immediately counter with $15ea. Bryzos will keep an audit trail of the negotiation so you don’t get lost. There are many features to the Blaster system, but one of the best is the time limit. Each BOM has an end-date…sort of like an auction. This benefits both the buyer and the seller, as it gets the deal done.

As a Seller, Bryzos is a dream come true. Firstly, there is no cost to quote or list material. You only pay Bryzos if you make a sale. So, there is no downside to trying. List your entire inventory if you want. Secondly, Bryzos will bring you opportunities to sell to customers you did not even know existed. You will have more opportunities to make money at a lower cost. Another powerful benefit is the Buyer/Seller profile matching system. Bryzos has built in functionality that allows Sellers to specify what kinds of material they want to quote. Today, salesmen already get enough spam inquiries, Bryzos does not intend to make matters worse. Instead, we have armed the seller with the power to create product lines. While an extra step for the seller it will make Bryzos that much better. For instance, a vendor who sells pipe does not want to field valve inquiries all day…that’s a waste of time, for everyone. The seller only sees inquiries for the material he sells.

Arguably, our best feature is your anonymity. At both the profile level and the quote level we have given our users the option to be kept anonymous. The default setting is anonymous. To industry outsiders this may seem insignificant but, it is what makes the wheel go ‘round. There are two main reasons the feature is a benefit. First, it levels the playing field and removes bias from each transaction. Steel is a commodity, if a seller meets the required specifications, it does not matter who the seller is. Bryzos likes the idea of small distributors having a seat at the table. Secondly, anonymity prohibits trolling. Were it not anonymous, an adept user of Bryzos could determine inventory levels of other suppliers. This is not what Bryzos is about. We want the market to be fair, we don’t want create an avenue for the less scrupulous participants to cheat. It is well known that steel suppliers like to keep the specifics of their inventory secret. Bryzos can help with that.